MaTeChef – Intercultural gastronomy

A recipe for social inclusion as a key to the future
We provide a tangible response to requests for aid and career counselling to marginalised and vulnerable youths.

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Rome (Lazio)
Rome (Lazio)

In collaboration with: CIES Onlus (Centro Informazione ed Educazione allo Sviluppo)

THE CHALLENGE: marginalisation and social exclusion

The flow of migration towards Europe coming from countries plagued by violent conflicts or poverty-stricken areas of the world is one of the most salient issues of our time.
The need to accommodate one of the most significant inflows of migrants and refugees in recent history is characterised by having to adjust to a changing and increasingly multicultural society, in which many young foreigners continue to lag behind, without schooling nor employment.
With unemployment rates four times above the average, Italy’s youth unemployment figure is already very concerning.
In addition to this challenge, young migrants often end up being socially excluded without recognised qualifications.
Providing equal job opportunities is therefore essential to giving these marginalised youths the opportunity to build a new life.

THE OBJECTIVE: to support youths at risk of social exclusion in acquiring job skills

MaTeChef focuses on 60 socially excluded young migrants and unemployed, for the purpose of training them as qualified hospitality workers and providing them with concrete chances of accessing the job market.
The project gave rise to the community bistro “Altrove”, which the Foundation transformed into a reality not only by supporting it with the funding needed to train the staff and open the restaurant, but also with all of Costa’s know-how of the hospitality industry.
The opening of the restaurant fulfilled the aim of creating a model social enterprise, ensuring the equitable employment of staff, and promoting the principles of sustainable development by serving organic produce with zero-food miles from sustainable farms.

OUR PROJECT: integration through hospitality courses and apprenticeships in the kitchen

Through the MaTeChef project, 60 youths at risk of social exclusion between the ages of 16 and 25, of whom 40 from migrant backgrounds, had the opportunity to develop specialised hospitality skills and acquire experiences and resources that can be transferred directly to the job market.
Established chefs, maître d’s, renowned sommeliers and bartenders from Rome supported the selected youths during their training, which comprised 90 hours of professional intercultural gastronomy, followed by a 100-hour practicum.
During the practicum, the youths were able to implement and refine the skills acquired in the course and be paid, which contributed to raising their awareness of a professional future, and also enabled them to contribute financially to their families.
Additionally, the high level of this professional pathway transformed them into a valuable, low-cost resource for those companies that would employ them at the end of the apprenticeship.
As part of the MaTeChef project the community restaurant Altrove, the business model of which is social inclusion both among its staff and on the menu, opened in Rome’s Ostiense food district.
A multicultural approach that is also characterised by quality raw materials, selected with the utmost care by socially-responsible businesses that support equitable and fair business relationships.
Nowadays, the restaurant Altrove also welcomes the Costa ships’ guests while on their Rome outings, greeting them with a typical selection of Roman cuisine that incorporates intercultural elements.

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