Our organisation

The Costa Crociere Foundation Steering Committee comprises the Board of Directors, the Scientific Committee and the President. It supports the Foundation by promoting its strategic work and guiding operational activities.
The Board of Directors develops the mission, objectives and strategies in adherence with the constitution and the principles that inspire the Foundation, as well as the Staff’s recommendations.
It identifies the most impactful activities within the Foundation’s areas of interest, which include campaigns to protect the sea and the environment, and projects of high social value aimed at supporting vulnerable peoples and communities.
Its purpose is to set the general direction of the Foundation and to manage the donations and the project selection, based on the recommendations of the Advisory Committee.
The ongoing conversations with the Foundation’s Staff, responsible for overseeing operations, and the Foundation’s various partners, endow the Board of Directors with the knowledge to assess the progress and the results achieved, to consider the value of past experiences and to implement change.

Our transparent process

Foundation Staff

  • Davide Triacca
    Secretary General Costa Crociere Foundation and Corporate Sustainability Director

    I was born in a small town on the Ligurian coast, La Spezia, and I think it was right there that the sea and people started to take on such an important meaning for me which has impacted my life up to now. After studying agronomics at the University of Pisa, I obtained a master’s in Environmental Technologies from Imperial College, London, followed by the Creating Shared Value course taken at Harvard Business School in Boston. This background, together with the years spent working in consulting companies, marked my view on the world and developed my “sustainable” thinking. Since 2015, with Costa Crociere Foundation, at which I am Secretary General, we look to the future with tangible and long-term projects for our planet and for the communities that host our ships. Since 2020, I have also been in charge of the Costa Crociere Sustainability Department, with which we want to guide the change in the cruise market in an ecologically focused direction. We must be radical and ambitious, sometimes to the point of sounding unreasonable by setting the bar higher and higher and challenging others to follow our example.

  • Monica Cannizzaro
    Project Coordinator

    I joined the Foundation team in February 2019 after 19 years in Costa as a Senior Buyer specialising in naval technical spare parts and food. The relationships developed with the wide network of partners allow me to intercept and respond to the needs of the Genoese communities and our region, strengthening relations with the authorities. I participate and co-operate with the Municipality of the City of Genoa in the management of the Certosa Neighbourhood Community Centre. With a view to enhancing the circular economy, I manage the Material Assistance project which aims to give a second lease of life to goods in good condition that have been discharged ashore and which would otherwise be earmarked for disposal. I manage the Food Assistance program, a flagship of our Foundation. I am an energetic and determined person, in emergency situations I have established relationships of trust inside and outside the company. I manage and support the team in budget monitoring and administration… number crunching has no secrets for me!!!

  • Silvia Dallai
    Project Coordinator

    I started with Davide and in 2016, when it was just me and him, the Foundation took its first steps: if I look at the results today, I still can’t believe how far we have come. Before joining the Foundation, I worked for several years abroad at non-governmental organisations and for institutions such as the United Nations and the European Commission, where I have always dealt with institutional communication and social issues, in particular with policies for young people.
    At the Foundation, I manage communication focussing on our Costa colleagues both ashore and aboard ships, involving them and updating them on all our projects. I’m also in charge of preparing the Annual Report, the report summarising our activity published each year. Last, but not least, I co-ordinate the various voluntary activities involving the large Costa family.

  • Anna Giordano
    Senior Program Management Officer

    I am an enterprising, pragmatic and results-oriented person with strong project management experience. My world until 2019 was in the Digital & E-Commerce area of Costa Cruises, where I implemented challenging projects from start to go live, involving both multi-markets and multi-brands with Carnival Corp. At the Foundation, I deal with the implementation, management and reporting of projects in both the social and environmental areas. A project’s success? They have to be capable of bringing changes to people’s lives and to the environment that are tangible, measurable and proactive and enduring over time.

  • Laura Musina
    Campaign Officer

    A background at Costa’s Global & Strategic Marketing where I was fully involved in the loyalty club and CRM. At the Foundation I organise and manage institutional communication, fundraising campaigns, and those related to the promotion of projects and events. I oversee the Foundation’s website and visual identity helping convey its values and identity. I am always looking for new models of involvement with our contacts but also interaction with the partners of our projects to cast our mission’s message as far afield as possible.

  • Daniel Ingenito
    Graphic Designer and social media manager

    I have a degree in advertising graphics and a degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa. I love all aspects of the visual communication world: from graphic design to videomaking, from web design to illustrations and publishing design. I met the Foundation in 2017 and it was love at first sight. Since then, I have been working alongside the team by supporting them in the management of the main social media networks with a view to generating exchange and dialogue and sharing goals, and I follow, implement and manage the Foundation’s visual system across all its applications, focussed on the aim of conveying its values and vision.


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Costa Crociere Foundation is comprised of professionals and individuals from the job market and academia who operate based on the principles of openness and transparency, with the aim of defining the Foundation’s strategic direction, based on shared criteria, and supporting it in attaining its specific objectives and expected results.
The specific skills developed within CSR lead the Board to work with the utmost attention and integrity in pursuing the charitable aims of the Foundation, thus helping peoples and communities to improve their circumstances, and protecting the future of our Planet.
The Board ensures the resources made available by Costa Crociere are employed by prioritising the support of projects aimed at attaining lasting change, and endeavours to act respectfully in its dealings with candidates and beneficiaries in the fair allocation of such resources.
The contribution of the eight Board members is especially enhanced by their experience as result-oriented professionals, and converges with the social and environmental issues of interest to the Foundation in selecting the most effective approach and enacting real change.

  • Helen Alford

    Professor of Economy and Ethics, Deputy Rector and Deputy Principal of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Pontifical University San Tommaso (Angelicum)

  • Sarah Kowalzik

    Secretary General of the Costa Crociere Foundation until May 2017, Sarah was the driving force behind its inception and growth, up to its consolidation.

  • Stefania Bertolini

    Secretary General CSR Network and Director of the “Istituto per i Valori d’Impresa” (ISVI), Stefania also teaches Corporate Sustainability and Business Administration

  • Beniamino Maltese

    Senior Vice President and CFO of Costa Group, Beniamino’s financial expertise and management skills helped transform Costa from a family business to a publicly listed company.

  • Laura Cannone

    Costa Brand Emergency Response Officer & Business Continuity Director, Laura leads the Emergency Response and is Chairwoman of the Foundation.

  • Giuseppe Carino

    Costa Vice President Guest Experience and On Board Sales, Giuseppe turns mission statements into positive customer experiences at Costa.

  • Ugo Salerno

    Chairman and CEO of RINA, Italy’s supervisory body responsible for classifying, inspecting and testing in the marine, energy and transport sectors.

  • Paola Girdinio

    Board Member ENEL and Professor at University of Genoa, she is a leading expert and member of many environmental impact commissions.

  • Michael Thamm

    Chief Executive of the Costa Group and Carnival Asia, Michael redefined company strategy. As Chairman of CLIA Europe, he helped to reshape standards across the entire cruise industry, steering it towards responsible innovation and a more sustainable future.

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