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The passion and commitment we imbue in every project and the results we are able to achieve, would not reap the same positive outcomes without the backing of all the businesses that believe in our work and help us carry it out by sharing their expertise and know-how, and by supporting us with their donations.

Are you a business and want to support our projects?

You too can become part of the change and help support our environmental and social projects. There are many ways to contribute and 100% of the donations we receive are invested in projects.
Do you want to learn more and together with us discover the best way to support us and make a difference? Complete the form noting any questions or comments and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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A big thank you goes out to all the businesses that supported and support our projects:

A. Hartrod Srl

Agenzia Marittima Saidelli Srl

Agrimontana Spa

Albatravel Genova Srl

Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana Spa

Amaca Srl

Avventura Urbana Srl

Azienda Casearia Salati Srl

Bc Service Europe Srl

Bome Srl

Caruso Rosa Anna

Cassia Travel Srl

Cervi Enrico Studio di Architettura

Chugoku Boat Spa

Consorzio per il Centro Interuniversitario

di Biologia Marina

CONTEXTUS Translation Agency

Cosnav Costruzioni Navali Srl

Crosa Srl

Daphne Srl

Dassisti Viaggi

De Palma Thermofluid Snc

Destination Service Spain, Slu

Ecolab Srl

Effedue Srl

Emme 2 Antinfortunistica Snc

Fabbri 1905 Spa

Ferrari F.lli Lunelli Spa

Ferrucci Beatrice Snc

Fondazione Fincantieri

Fraizzoli 1923 Srl

Francesco Baglietto e Figlio

Fratelli Pazzaglia Snc

Galante Claudio

Gam Office Service Srl

General Food Spa

Gentile Gabriele

Gruppo Messina Spa

Heggli Ag

I Viaggi di Michelone

Ib Srl

IMS Technologies As

Italtel Spa

Italtende di Del Grande Igor Snc

Juventus Club Heroes

Key Technologies Spa

Kloska Group

L’orchidea Srl

Loc Group Limited

Logotel Spa

Lyreco Italia Srl

Manifattura Fraizzoli e C. Srl

Mantero Sistemi Srl

Mappart Idee in Movimento

Nautilus Srl

Newton Management Innovation Spa

Oper Di V. Mastronardi

Panapesca Spa

Pm Movies Srl

Pompadour Tè Srl

Portobellotravel di Torrisi Antonio

Pricewaterhouse Coopers Spa (PWC)

Publitalia 80 Spa

RE 2 di Marrucci Renza e C. Snc

Reiseburo Hogger

Ri-Diamo Onlus

Rondaninavetro Srl

Rotary Distretto 2031/2032

Savia Giovanna

Schiavetti Enzo Sas

Selection Srl

Servizi Tecnici Navali Srl

Società Turistica Agenzia Travels Srl

Sp. Spezialitaten – Partner Nord AG

Tavi Spa

Tecnavi Srl

Tipografia A. Teti Srl

Total Service Srl

Total Solution Interiors Srl

Utilia Sr

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