Environmental Projects

The deterioration of the marine environment and the coastline represents an ever-increasing threat to the health of ecosystems and peoples. Our vocation for the sea places the protection of this natural heritage at the top of our priorities and manifests with a series of targeted outreach campaigns.

Our Environmental Projects

The first projects for the protection of the coastline and the marine ecosystem coincided with the inception of the Foundation, creating a blueprint for our work in the area.
The goal is to disseminate a culture of sustainability in environmental issues, focussing our attention and resources on the fragility of the natural heritage in coastal regions, and fighting the pollution of sea and coastline.
By collaborating with eminent scientists and partners, and getting marine experts on board, we were able to see tangible and immediate results in our project areas and act with a view to future generations becoming more aware of environmental protection’s vital role.

The results

  • Environmental Projects
  • Beneficiari
  • Km of coastline adopted by the Coast Guardians
  • Students involved in environmental education programs
  • Teachers involved in environmental education programs
  • Kg of vegetables embarked on Costa ships thanks to "Made of Sun"

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