Into work together

Work goal, collaboration
We promote the inclusion of disadvantaged youths by supporting educational
programmes for growth and self-sufficiency aimed at job placement.

The results

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Genoa (Liguria)
Genoa (Liguria)

In collaboration with: Il Laboratorio Cooperativa Sociale

THE CHALLENGE: school dropouts are a serious problem

In Italy, every year countless young people leave school without completing their studies.
A choice that is often the result of challenging financial or domestic situations, with repercussions on both their present and future.
Without adequate education and without the resources and tools to deal with the job market, such youths will struggle to secure employment and thus may develop insecurities, depression and a lack confidence and display behaviour that is dangerous and antisocial or worse still, unlawful.
It is a price they must pay individually, but which affects the whole of society because the effect of these inequities jeopardises social cohesion and affects economic growth as a whole.

THE GOAL: to imbue safety, autonomy and skills to promote social inclusion

Into Work Together aims to counteract the marginalisation of unemployed and vulnerable youths by empowering them with tools to promote their psychological, emotional and social development, and assisting them in identifying strategies for dealing with and overcoming challenges.
The aim was to support the training of 155 young people from vulnerable backgrounds in Genoa, by facilitating their apprenticeships in various businesses with work placement as the ultimate goal.

OUR PROJECT: tailored counselling, training and work placement

Developing skills, improving self-esteem and setting up a support network for those who need it most.
The Into Work Together project looks to the future of NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) youths in vulnerable situations by valuing their skills and removing the main obstacles preventing them from succeeding in a respected and qualified profession, and realising their aspirations.
Youths between the ages of 16 and 24 were supported step-by-step, during a 24-month-long programme.
Following the initial phase of teaching them a range of basic skills in computer science, foreign languages, job safety, social media use and targeted job searches, the training programme separated into three specific technical and professional courses in the sectors of catering, crafts, and technical innovation in 3D printing.
An apprenticeship at the end of the training programme allowed them to come into direct contact with businesses, affording them the opportunity to compete in the job market and improve their opportunities to gain permanent employment.
The tutors appointed to follow the training also supported them during the initial stages of their work placements, operating closely with the businesses to promote those processes capable of validating and enhancing the skills acquired by the trainees.
All this with an approach centred on enhancing personal skills and not limited to socio-occupational inclusion, but relying on leveraging each young person’s potential, to improve their self-esteem, encourage socialisation and instil a sense of cooperation and solidarity. An approach present in all NEET projects sponsored by the Foundation, such as NEET in Trekking and Sea Routes to Success.

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