Education: the key to your future

The future is built with talent and passion
We enable access to a university education
to the most deserving students requiring financial assistance.

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Genoa (Liguria)
Genoa (Liguria)

THE CHALLENGE: access to a university education as a means of social mobility

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda rank the right to an education in fourth place, emphasising the value of learning and intellectual growth as a strategic investment in building a more sustainable and equitable society.
The list of steps required for achieving the objectives is long, but remains inspired by the principle of delivering an education of quality that is fair and accessible to all, in every part of the world.
The same is true for university education, the access to which for those of low-income and often even middle-income families, can truly be prohibitive.
In Italy, where the cost of a university degree is among Europe’s highest, there are many young people who for financial reasons have become despondent about tertiary education.

THE GOAL: to ensure equal opportunities in education

The aim of Education: the Key to Your Future is to give deserving youths, who for financial reasons cannot pursue a tertiary education, access to a university course to enhance their potential and invest in their fortitude.
The aim is to provide 10 five-year scholarships to fully cover tuition fees for students from low-income families, enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at Genoa’s University.

OUR PROJECT: to provide scholarships to deserving students with a financial disadvantage

The desire to know, to learn and to grow is a drive towards the future that can truly make a difference, even when the resources to support it are lacking.
The project intercepted this energy and passion amidst high school students who distinguished themselves for their skills and attitudes; selecting 10 underprivileged students wanting to undertake an engineering course and financing their future education with a comprehensive scholarship for Genoa’s Faculty of Engineering.
The choice of degree was motivated by the high success rate in the job market that this type of course affords.
In addition to selecting Genoa, one of Italy’s most prestigious faculties, we wanted to add value to the project by offering the selected students more than mere financial support.
The University’s proximity to the headquarters of Costa Crociere will in fact make it possible to support the students’ academic path by allowing them to rely on the professional assistance of Costa Crociere’s staff and the Human Resources department, both during the course of their studies and while seeking employment after graduation.

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