Today Tomorrow To Nino

A solution to protect early school leavers’ right to a future.
We assist children from families experiencing financial and social hardship to counteract school dropout rates and to support their education.

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Rome (Lazio)
Rome (Lazio)

In collaboration with: FOCUS – Casa dei Diritti Sociali

THE CHALLENGE: school dropouts are a growing phenomenon and concern

In recent years, the phenomenon of early school dropout rates is growing increasingly more worrisome, placing Italy at the bottom of Europe at 14.5%.
The resulting elevated lack of education places many such youths at a high risk of marginalisation and social exclusion.
However, this cultural loss has more than just personal implications, given the phenomenon comes at a high cost to the country’s entire system, resulting in economic stagnation and numerous social issues.

THE GOAL: to support the right to an education by tackling school dropout rates

The project was launched to prevent minors experiencing financial and social challenges from dropping out of school, by promoting innovative practices in combating early school leaving.
The aim is to support minors from challenging backgrounds by assisting them in completing their schooling and to support students who are especially vulnerable and deserving with tailored pathways to social inclusion, support that includes scholarships for attaining education and training.

OUR PROJECT: to invest in the future of vulnerable minors by securing their educational pathways

Today, Tomorrow, To Nino is a project dedicated to training children; like “Hello Philippines, Hello Future”, it tackles unequal access to educational opportunities and targets all motivated kids, so they may build a future despite challenging family backgrounds.
Nino symbolises those who live in a state of social and personal fragility, who are in need of a support network to pursue their educational and training programmes to avoid disrupting their studies and becoming marginalised.
The project is targeted at 400 minors and young adults in the metropolitan area of Rome. It was developed by creating a welcoming, safe and friendly environment, which places individual students at the centre, supporting them both during and after school, and which was implemented through individual and flexible learning programmes.
Each young person was joined by a tutor who supported them during the course of the activities provided. The project also included family empowerment sessions to encourage parents to support their children’s education and to identify any struggles or loss of motivation.

Monthly extracurricular activities and meetings were scheduled to encourage socialisation and allow the kids to visit and learn about the city’s places and cultural resources, which are often out of reach of disadvantaged youths.

Thirty of the most vulnerable and deserving students received a scholarship for purchasing books, pay tuition fees and participate in any other programme aimed at strengthening their personal educational paths.

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