Material assistance

Finding a new purpose for things is a resource for a better life
We recycle unused goods as a means to alleviate
the material needs of the most vulnerable communities.

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Italy, Haiti, Madagascar, Angola, Cameroon, Sudan, Central African Republic, Senegal, France, Ukraine, Albania, Ivory Coast, Pakistan
Italy, Haiti, Madagascar, Angola, Cameroon, Sudan, Central African Republic, Senegal, France, Ukraine, Albania, Ivory Coast, Pakistan

THE CHALLENGE: to support the most vulnerable communities by applying the principles of the circular economy

The principles of the circular economy are key to attaining a development model that is compatible with our planet’s finite resources.
In an economy that is supposed to be renewable, the value of material resources dictates they be kept and recycled, in order to repurpose what is no longer used.
The quality of the fit out aboard Costa Crociere’s ships results in products that can be repurposed instead of discarded, which is an effective way of fulfilling the Costa Crociere Foundation’s objective to support vulnerable people.
Designating reusable resources to people in need or those living in emergency situations thus becomes a model of sustainability that provides new life to objects and delivers aid to vulnerable people.

THE GOAL: to provide targeted, tangible aid through immediate intervention

Material Assistance is a project with international scope that supports the ethical and fair cycle of repurposing, in line with the principles of the circular economy and social responsibility, intervening in support of the most fragile communities in the world, people affected by natural disasters and in emergencies.
The campaign presents itself as a model to stimulate other individuals and businesses to follow suit and create an integrated national network for the recycling of goods.
The project also manifests though activities in support of the needy by scheduling ongoing food drives.

OUR PROJECT: the circular economy, a model of equitable growth

The Material Assistance project puts the Costa Crociere Foundation in direct contact with not-for-profit organisations, NGOs and voluntary bodies committed to helping vulnerable people, by bringing together two key elements in the Foundation’s activities: the environmental conscience of recycling and reusing even essential objects and goods; and the social conscience of delivering these unused or as-new goods to people in need.
The items that Costa Crociere makes available for donation are collected, catalogued and stored in a warehouse, ready to be delivered in response to requests for material assistance by charities supporting the most vulnerable communities.
This recycling operation provides kitchen equipment, cabinetry, linens, furnishings, toys and long-life food. All these items no longer needed aboard the Costa Crociere ships are far from the end of their life-cycle, but ready to be reused and dispensed through a number of targeted activities, such as in the following examples.

This campaign was developed with the Fondazione Rava NPH Onlus, which has over 30 years of experience delivering various humanitarian aid projects in Haiti.
Two containers with over 13,000 items including tableware, tablecloths, soft furnishings, chairs, armchairs, work uniforms and many other tangible goods in excellent condition, were packed and shipped to Haiti, a country plagued by continuous natural disasters and with a very high poverty rate, to help improve the quality of life and provide material support to families and children in Cité Soleil, the poorest slum in the capital Port-Au-Prince.

The shipment to Madagascar comprised a cargo of new or as-new items from the Costa ships, which included clothing, toys and towels destined for an orphanage and donated directly by the Costa Victoria’s staff during a stopover in Madagascar.
With the shipment to Angola, a cargo of discarded but still functioning hard drives, monitors and printers was sent from Costa’s offices to the city of Benguela, where the equipment was donated by the local Caritas and the Amigos da Caridade associations to a primary school, a professional school and to a community programme.
This was a valuable contribution in a country with a poverty rate among the highest in the world, where the role of school and training is fundamental in improving the destiny of many families who live hand-to-mouth, without employment nor professional skills.
The shipment to Cameroon involved a cargo of medical supplies that were collected in collaboration with Carnival Maritime and donated to ASCA, Associazione Savona Cuore dell’Africa. A targeted collection, consisting of an ultrasound, a defibrillator, 15 sterilisers and surgical equipment intended for the Hospital Notre Dame de la Misericorde Nyalla Kambo.


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