A home for the homeless

Rebuilding the foundations for social inclusion in a home’s hearth
We provide shelter and needed protection for vulnerable individuals and families by supporting them in regaining their dignity.

The results

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  • Furnished apartments
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  • Journeys to independence completed
Genoa (Liguria)
Genoa (Liguria)

In collaboration with: Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Genoa

THE CHALLENGE: hardship and marginalisation

Under the current economic situation, the number of people in financial crisis is on the rise, with a third of the Italian population at risk of poverty and of losing their homes.
The latest survey of the Italian National Institute of Statistics recorded over 50,000 homeless, but the actual numbers are much more concerning because the data are based on the number of people who visit the dining halls or the homeless shelters, which does not account for the large portion of those who are “invisible”.
Losing one’s home is not only about the loss of one’s dignity and sense of self, but also about the loss of certain fundamental rights.
Sleeping rough or in emergency accommodation such as dormitories is not a solution.
To take back control of one’s life, one must begin from the home as a fundamental human right, and respond to a state of hardship that is often temporary, with long-term solutions that support people in changing lanes and trigger a path of restitution.

THE GOAL: to counter the social exclusion of individuals at risk of marginalisation

The aim of the project is to provide shelter to the homeless by renovating six dwellings for individuals and families who have lost their homes due to severe financial hardship.
The purpose is to provide these individuals with a place to live, while also assisting them with adequate psychological, medical, legal and educational support, to support them in reversing the cycle of marginalisation by finding employment and financial independence, and to heal their family ties.

OUR PROJECT: a home to provide self-sufficiency to vulnerable individuals and families

A Home for the Homeless was conceived through the opportunity to finance the renovation of six dwellings in Genoa’s historic centre.
The renovation included fitting out the accommodation, cleaning, installing a heating system, restoring the kitchens and the bathroom fittings, providing mattresses, bedding, furnishings and other basic necessities.
The allocation of housing, managed by the Comunità di Sant’Egidio, provides for the introduction of individuals and families in response to a state of temporary need and to support their self-sufficiency in seeking work or in reuniting with their families.
The project, which identifies the house as the starting point on a path towards social inclusion, supports the Comunità di Sant’Egidio by also giving these individuals access to a network of dedicated professionals providing mental health support and personalised educational, medical and legal assistance. A support that remains ongoing even in the later stages, assisting individuals and entire households over time, and supporting their gradual but well-established reintegration into society.
It’s an essential service that assists the homeless in regaining their identity, dignity and courage, and which facilitates the process of integration.

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